Human Rights Epilogue

Looking back on the semester, I feel that blogging has been a really effective way for me to respond to our course texts and discussions.  Blogging is great because it lets students continue the discussion outside of the classroom and gives us time to think about our stance on certain issues.  I also enjoyed being able to directly link other sources onto my blog and include images, videos, etc.  I feel that blogging is much more beneficial than response journals because it incorporates these new dimensions and takes the experience to a completely new level.  I have also enjoyed reading the blogs of the other students in our class because it allows me to learn about new perspectives while getting to know my peers better.  Prior to this course, I had never experimented with blogging but I feel it is something I will continue even after the semester is over.  I plan to blog over the summer about different human rights issues, most likely along the same lines as the post I have been doing all semester; I also hope to blog next semester while I am studying abroad in Europe.

I also really enjoyed the blog presentations that other students gave in class.  Although I value the time that we spent talking about the different texts, I was much more interested in hearing about the research that other students were doing.  This helped us incorporate new topics into our discussion rather than focusing solely on what issues were addressed in the texts.  If we had not had these presentations, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the course as much. These presentations taught me about things I was never aware of, such as corporal punishment in the United States and dying rooms for orphans in China.  The discussions that followed these presentations really forced me to challenge my beliefs and understand new perspectives.

Overall, I think blogging was a great complement to the readings and in-class discussions.  The 500-word minimum per post did pose a problem for me because I feel that such a short post would be incomplete and often found myself writing upwards of 1500 words.  Perhaps in the future it would be better to set a minimum number of words for the entire blog rather than each individual post.

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